Free Poker

Freerolls: The Concept of Free Poker

Freerolls can be defined as free tournaments held by online poker rooms every once in while in order to encourage new players to indulge in the game. These tournaments may be held daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.

The concept of freerolling entails a poker room offering a free tournament to its players without charging any fee or requiring that players contribute to the pot and such tournaments are awarded with real money to the winners. Usually, it’s the top 50 winners who get to win the prizes. Freerolls are very safe for beginners who would like to test their skills at poker. This is because there is no financial risk to the player and even better, the tournaments have a real money prize for the winners. This actually leads new players to try their best at improving in the game.

Freeroll prize pots

The only problem with freerolls is that the prizes are a bit too little with the final 5-10 players out of the 50 winning very low cash prizes which may even amount to cents. It would therefore require player to play regularly and have patience in order to make bankroll which would be used to play higher limit poker games. A patient poker player is however bound to benefit both in learning an earning money through trying out poker with freerolls without any risk.

About Freerolls

Freerolls usually come in the form of tournament and can be referred to as promotions offered to players in a bid to boost their morale of playing poker. Freerolls are absolutely free and cost the player nothing to participate in. They however offer real money rewards to the winners. Requirements to join freeroll tournaments vary from poker site to poker site. Others may require one to have a certain number of raked hands while other may require one to have a minimum deposit in their account.

There are several types of freerolls. The most common ones are private freerolls, public freerolls, satellite freerolls and points freerolls. Most freeroll tournament are featured by Texas Hold ‘em games and not the other types of poker. Private freerolls are more often VIP status tournaments which are designed to cater for only a specific group of people. These freerolls could be designed especially to fit current members of the website with a certain number of points or on the contrary, they may be designed to host new members to a poker site. In this case, they play the role of pulling new members to the poker site. The private freerolls usually have much higher prizes than the other freerolls because they tend to have a VIP status attached to them. The prizes could range from between $500-10,000.

Public Freerolls

Public freerolls on the other hand are accessible to everyone. Well, not everyone per say because registration to a poker site will be required. These freerolls do not restrict new joining members from entering the tournaments. They are also not tailored to suite only current members who have met a certain criteria. Public freeroll tournaments are played several times in a day because they are open to everyone and usually offer a relatively lower prize sum of probably $50-150.


Satellite freerolls do not necessarily offer a cash incentive but could be termed as much more lucrative based on the fact that they give players access to much more lucrative tournaments. These tournaments could include the WSOP, WPT, The Hollywood Poker Tournament and many more. Satellite freerolls have become very common and even though not very much spoken of as the public and private freerolls, they are probably the most often played by regular poker players and also by the pros. Winning a satellite freeroll tournament pushed a player to the next stage of the satellites and eventually, if he/she makes it all the way to the winning spot, gets a chance to compete against the top poker players in the world. In such a case, accommodation expenses, travel expenses and personal expenses are all covered. The player can therefore end up spending no money at all in satellite freeroll tournaments and end up having all expenses settled during the final tournament being played for and probably even bagging the ultimate prize money. The other type of freerolls, points freerolls give a player a chance to bag points after winning. These points can be used to redeem merchandise, join other tournaments or even be withdrawn as real cash.