Joe Sebok: Ace of the Poker Dot-com Business Circuit

Joe Sebok was doing great in the dot-com world (however not the free online poker one) before four of the companies he joined as an employee went bust one after another! He was laid off four times and found himself on roads in 2003 despite a degree in psychology and a minor in Native American studies. He had had a flourishing career in the dot-com world up to that point of time and had thought of nothing else.

Joe Sebok could not think of anything but to turn to his father for advice. His step-father was none other than Barry Greenstein – Poker legend. While growing up, Sebok and his siblings had been shielded from cards by Greenstein. The Poker legend would seldom talk of the game when home and at other times was away on the circuit. In his moment of crisis, Sebok had a straight question for his dad: Whether he could too make it as a professional Poker player. Greenstein said yes.

Joe Sebok was born in 1977 in San Francisco, California. When he took to the Poker scene in 2005 after losing his jobs one after another, he came with the tag of being Greenstein’s son. It also earned him the nickname of ‘The Cub’. But soon Sebok proved that he claimed to be a professional Poker player to be feared in his own right. Within a year, Sebok final-tabled twice at the World Series of Poker and had several other smaller tournament wins.

Sebok started reading and understanding the game spending hours on practice. He began by trying his luck at Texas Hold Em online and cheap games at local casinos in the area.

In 2006, Sebok won the $2,500 No-Limit Hold Em Super Satellite at Five Star World Classic, the $1,500 No-Limit Hold Em at the Mirage Poker Showdown and the $2,425 No-Limit Hold Em at the Heavenly Hold’em. He later won several events at Las Vegas.

Sebok moves around with Poker friends Gavin Smith, Mimi Tran, Tuan Le, Liz Lieu and Nam Le. He likes to play the drums, read and write. He’s been featured on the December 2007 cover of the Bluff magazine and was even part of the San Francisco instrumental band, Parker Street Cinema. Sebok shares a very special friendship with Gavin and they are known to be betting at billiards and other stuff all the time.

Sebok happens to be the co-founder of an online Poker site, part of the GreenBok Production Poker Road series and is co-host of radio programs and podcasts. You can even find Sebok on Twitter.

You can check out his site for blogs by him and Greenstein, Poker news, gear, photographs, event updates, radio and television shows, podcasts and more. Sebok says he is equally focused on his Poker career as his businesses but hopes more to bring the best of Poker paraphernalia and needs to the Poker aficionados across the world through his website. Life seems to have made a full circle of success for Sebok what with dot-com bust leading him to Poker and Poker leading him back to owning one of the most successful Poker dot-coms in the world!