Online Poker Curiosities – Part I


  1. The game of Online Poker is played over the Internet. The availability of internet is partly responsible for the dramatic increase in numbers of online poker players all over the world. In 2005, earnings from online poker games were estimated at more than US$ 200 million in each month.
  2. Traditional venues for playing poker games, such as poker rooms and casinos, may be frightening for novice poker players and are habitually located in geographically incongruent locations. Also, casinos of brick and mortar are reluctant to endorse poker because making profit from it is not easy for them.
  3. Though the time charge or rake, of usual casinos is very high most of the time, the opportunity fees of running a traditional poker room are higher. Casinos of brick and mortar often make more money by taking away poker rooms and installing more slot machines.

  4. On the other hand, online venues are dramatically cheaper since they have much lesser overhead costs. For instance, adding another table never takes additional valuable room like it would in case of a traditional casino of brick and mortar. Players of online poker rooms are allowed to play for small stakes and offer online poker freeroll tournaments often to attract the beginners.

  5. Online casinos may be more secured against different types of fraud and particularly collusion between players. Online casinos have collusion detection capabilities that are not available traditional casinos. For instance, online poker room defense employees can check the hand history of previously played cards of a player on the site and behavior of making patterns.
  6. These acts can be detected easily in an online casino. Online poker rooms check players’ IP also in order to put off players at the identical household or at identified open proxy servers from taking part on the same boards. The system is very efficient and scientific.
  7. Free online poker was played at the previous 1990s in a way of IRC poker. After a shot period of time Planet Poker launched their first online cardroom where players were able to play poker games with real money. One of the originators of Planet Poker was Author Mike Caro.
  8. Most of the online poker sites present varying features to attract new players. One of these common features is tournaments known as satellites by which winners obtain access to real-life tournaments of poker. Chris Moneymaker got his entry to World Series of Poker in 2003 from such a tournament on PokerStars.
  9. The entire poker world was shocked when he won the main event of that tournament. The World Series 2004 featured players of three times more in number as in 2003. Minimum four players won their entry in the final table of WSOP through one such online poker sites.
  10. In October 2004, that time’s world’s most popular online gaming company Sportingbet Plc, announced the possession of, the first and largest room of online poker industry. The possession of $340 million was marked as the first online cardroom owned by a public company.

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