Online Poker Curiosities – Part III


  1. The third way of making money of poker rooms is very much popular among the owners. Some internet poker sites offer games such as side bets on online poker hands or black jack where the player has to play against “the house” with real money. In these games, the odds are in favor of the house, thus making a large profit for the poker room.

  2. Fourth, like almost other institutions that grasp money, online poker rooms invest the player’s deposited money. Since the sites don’t have to pay more as interests on the bankrolls of the players, this method is a important source of revenue for online poker sites.

  3. As with other ways of online gambling, a lot of critics question are arising about the operators of these games. These claims are arising mostly with those are located in jurisdictions divide from most of the online poker players. Many people are thinking they might be engaging themselves in fraud activities.

  4. Online discussion forums are common with claims of non-random dealing of cards, possibly to support players employed the house or “bots” (software cloaked as an opponent), or to provide good hands to multiple players thus increasing the amount of bets as well as the rake, or prevent beginners from losing quickly so that they continue to play.

  5. However, there are many anecdotal evidences in order to support such complaints. But there are many people argue that the size of rake is sufficiently huge that such claims would be foolish and unnecessary. “Bad beats” with big hands are very common in live games. The reason might be that online poker houses deal numerous hands per hour.

  6. There are plenty of online poker sites that are certified by groups such as the Gaming Commission of Kahnawake and other chief auditing firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers to evaluate the fairness of online poker site’s random number producer and payouts for several online sites.

  7. In October 2007, a definite incident of cheating by an online poker room appeared to light, when the integrity of Absolute Poker was acknowledged that had been violated by an employee by means of trusted access into the system. He had been able to play poker at higher stakes while viewing the hidden “hole” cards of his opponents.

  8. One obvious difference between traditional and online poker rooms is that players don’t need to sit right in front of each other. This removes the ability to observe the body languages and reactions of others. Since the game of poker requires adaptability, winning online players study to master the latest frontiers of their adjacent.

  9. Another less apparent difference is the playing rate. In traditional brick and mortar poker houses the dealer collects the cards, then shuffle and deal after every hand. As this and some other delays are usual in offline casinos, the playing rate in average is around 30 hands per hour. On the other hands, online casinos don’t have these delays.

  10. In the traditional brick and mortar offline casinos, the only way to augment your earnings is by increasing your limit. On the other hand, players of online casino have another alternative, play more tables. In a physical casino it would be impracticable to play several tables at once; however, most of the online poker rooms permit this.

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