Poker Business Tips – Part II



  1. Playing several hands are only suitable for expert online poker player. If you are one of the beginners with online poker, you are recommended not to play lots of hands of poker. As a beginner, you need only to play starting hands with higher value until you learn all the techniques of poker games.

  2. Keep the limit of your game when you are playing online poker. This will let you play for more hours and you will get more chances to win more or recover your loss. In that way, you can learn many techniques and even if you lose, the quantity would be few.


  3. To accumulate poker bonuses, select a poker room that will seem most appropriate for you, create a new player account with real money, download the software of poker game if necessary, make a deposit and enter the related bonus code in the “enter bonus code” section.


  4. There is a common thought that it is almost impossible to get real cash from poker bonuses. However, the poker bonuses are very much realistic and are gradually credited to your bank account over certain time based on the generated rake from the poker deals you have played.


  5. Though it is not recommended to play a higher limit online poker game until and unless you are an expert with it, there is an advantage of higher limit. If you play online poker games with higher limit the bonus money will be sent into your account faster.


  6. Suppose you have got a poker room with a 100% bonus up to $500. If you deposit $500, the room will offer you $500 as bonus and this bonus money is more likely to be released to your account with increments of usually $5 or $10.


  7. These online poker bonuses normally don’t have any validity period and they can be redeemed any time you want. But there are some poker rooms as well that have a certain time limit in which you have to clear all your bonuses. Otherwise they will be cancelled.


  8. There are few requirements to be fulfilled to achieve online poker bonuses and certain time to claim the bonus as well. If you have thirty days to claim for your bonus, you must have to meet the necessary poker hand obligations within 30 days in order to claim your complete bonus.


  9. You can clear your bonus quickly and easily depending on your playing limits. If you are playing online poker at $10/20 boards will clear your amount of bonus requirements ten times faster than if you play at $1/2 tables. Higher limit calls for quicker online poker bonus payment.


  10. Almost all the online poker rooms offer first time deposit bonus at variety of amount. But there are many poker rooms as well who will offer you re-deposit bonuses along with gifts such as poker chips or entries in tournaments to retain players. So try to find a room with all these facilities.

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