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The best things in life are free. And that’s never been more true than when it applies to poker. Freerolls, no deposit bonuses, free poker promotions – there are now more ways to get a free game of poker than ever before.


Poker is pretty easy to pick up but very tricky to excel at. The rules are simple but the strategies and probabilities are difficult to manipulate. That’s why most poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments so that players can enjoy a free game of poker with no risk to their bankroll – a great option for poker beginners. Freerolls allow you to enter a poker game with no buy-in or initial stake, yet reward competitors with real money prizes. Freerolls are typified by a large number of players and the winnings are generally spread across the top 50 places. The large field of competition however, means that the prize winnings are usually pretty small and you have to place regularly in freerolls to make any significant impact on your bankroll.

What freerolls are invaluable for though is practice. If it’s early days in your poker career, grinding it out in the freeroll tournaments can expose you to hundreds of poker hands and various levels of skilled and unskilled opponents. You’ll pick up skills from other players and find out how to play hands more effectively. Granted, these learnings will often come by making mistakes, but the beauty of a freeroll is that those mistakes won’t cost you anything. It’s a win-win situation. To find out more about the type of freeroll tournaments available to you, visit our Free Poker section for more information.

…No deposit bonuses

Freerolls are great once you’re in a poker site but you’ll need to sign up first. This part often isn’t free as even the most generous welcome bonuses require you to pay a deposit of your own. This is where the no deposit bonus structure can help. Certain poker rooms will let you join up for free – they will give you a bonus that you won’t be required to put any money towards and you’ll essentially be able to play free poker, particularly if you combine this with freerolls. Obviously a poker room is there to make money for themselves at the end of the day, so you will need to check the bonus fulfillment requirements carefully i.e. you may need to play a certain number of raked hands by a certain date for example. The point here though, is that no deposit bonuses can help you get started in the game when you’re at your worst, allowing you financially risk-free breathing space in which to improve before playing with your own money.

So, to get started playing poker for free, why not check out the poker rooms that are waiting for your business. From Full Tilt to Everest Poker to Absolute Poker, our section on choosing a room can introduce you. Alternatively, use our quick links on the right of this page to go straight to a room for a look around.